Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Actualization of the Fact That Money Does Not Grow on Trees

Many Americans dutifully line up to vote themselves, their neighbors, and their fellow Americans into slavery and poverty, believing that the State provided largess comes from money grown on trees.  I would heartily laugh about this if the flawed belief of these voting Americans was not killing us all.

Call it a sign of desperate times: Legislators (Arizona - ed.) are considering selling the House and Senate buildings where they’ve conducted state business for more than 50 years.

Desperate state may sell Capitol buildings, others

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One has an undoubted right to resist an unlawful arrest, and courts will uphold the right of resistance in proper cases.

U.S. Supreme Court
UNITED STATES V. DI RE , 332 U.S. 581 (1948)
332 U.S. 581

No. 61.


Oct. 17, 1947.
Decided Jan. 5, 1948.

UNITED STATES V. DI RE , 332 U.S. 581 (1948)

Via Pro Libertate via a post by Bill St. Clair titled Praetorian Presumptions.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Epitome of Trite

Judas frickin’ Priest with a wet nap.  Why in the world is the President of the United States of America mediating a police matter between a self aggrandizing professor and a cop who probably has had one too many doughnuts?  Pitiful.

Obama’s meeting with professor, police officer to be Thursday

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lifted Quote for Saturday

In every language, the first word after “Mama!” that every kid learns to say is “Mine!” A system that doesn’t allow ownership, that doesn’t allow you to say “Mine!” when you grow up, has - to put it mildly - a fatal design flaw.

- Frank Zappa

Lifted from Samizdata.

I’m still here, and this is mine.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Get this straight: you have no right to anything that was produced by others and taken from them by force or its threat.

And this.

Why aren’t you looking out and acting for your freedom?

Billy Beck commenting on DeathCare.

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I Am Not A Host

I see what is going on, and the alacrity with which it is happening, though I have not been chronicling the decline, daily, recently.  Anyway, here’s a quote from a Lew Rockwell post.

The first step in a freedom revolution is understanding that virtually everything the government and its paid allies say is untrue. This is essential to withdrawing our consent from the killers, thieves, and coercers who comprise the state. Oh, and the brigade of professional liars. And that withdrawal of consent can bring them to heel, since the parasites require the hosts’ tacit approval. (bold by ed.)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Social Security More Equal Pigs

If bankers, auto executives, or insurance executives decide to have a retreat for their employees, say in Las Vegas, or at Hilton Head, or what have you, nowadays, they are immediately chastised and excoriated, sometimes by the Obama himself, but if the Social Security Administration decides to hold a retreat for seven hundred of their managers and the like, hey, it’s okay.

Last week the Social Security Administration flew approximately 700 of its managers from across the U.S. and Guam to Phoenix, Arizona’s posh Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Resort, for “organizational training.” The event, which included musical entertainment and dancing, skits, catered food, cocktails, and a “casino night” featuring “door prizes,” cost us lowly taxpayers approximately $750,000.

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is not just a tale, is it?

The $750,000 Government-Employee Pampering Scandal

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“No Time for the Work Like Right Now”

In a post titled It’s A Horrible Task, Billy Beck shares an email from a reader and his reponse to the email.

The email and post delve into “The Endarkenment,” and the dire implications of this, and Billy notes one very important point, amongest others, which I quote here.

I see your point. It’s about regeneration. Look: wouldn’t it be better if the fire preceding it were unnecessary? I know you’ll agree. It’s just that there is no reason for this. If we might look forward to a re-ignition someday, then does it make me crazy to demand that the same intellectual effort be brought to bear right now, before it’s all gone? The tools are valid in any era, and there is no time for the work like right now.

Why are individuals meekly waiting for “The Endarkenment,” nay encouraging it, to consume them?  Why are not more individuals working, right now, to destroy it?

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Ding Dong It All, That Hurt

News comes to us today that swearing may make pain more tolerable.

That muttered curse word that reflexively comes out when you stub your toe could actually make it easier to bear the throbbing pain, a new study suggests.

I’ve been known to utter a curse, or three, when I’ve accidentally injured myself, and I must admit that the explosive expletive emitted from my mouth in response has been cathartic.

With that said, I also recall my old chief of the boat, the COB we called him, who had been in the submarine service for over twenty-six years when I was on the LA, never uttered a curse word in the entire four years I served with him.  His displeasures, when uttered, whether for pain or poor seamanship, were “bloody” this or that, or a hearty “blasted” idiot, which I think would also be cathartic.

I do not think that uttering a curse is necessary for individuals to bear pain, and that a uttering hearty “ding dong it all” would probably serve the same cathartic purpose.

Swearing Makes Pain More Tolerable

Via Fred Lapides.


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The “Good News?”

Go away for a few days, and calls for world governance all of a sudden are respectable.  Billy Beck alerts me to the fact that Pope Benedict XVI has initiated the call for world governance, and, via Drudge, I learn that Al Gore is selling world governance as “good news.

I recall the days when the “good news” was mentioned, it was all about this book, and an individual’s private relationship with the “good news” contained therein, rather than men being laid meek before an abusive worldly authority.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Civil Unrest Preparedness Primer

Will civil unrest, on a local, regional or national scale, become reality in America?  I cannot say for certain, though this Note From A Cop contemplates more than just civil unrest.

Claire Wolfe, writing in Backwoods Home Magazine, offers up some suggestions in case civil unrest does become reality in a piece titled Preparing for civil unrest.  From Claire’s piece.

Although few in power are talking about it, rumors abound that governments at many levels are planning for civil unrest. One rumor is about a document supposedly being circulated right now among top federal officials. It’s called the “C&R Document”—with C&R standing for “conflict & revolution.” The much-storied paper is said to be a plan for controlling the American people when we get out of hand. True? Who knows. But the very rumor tells us a lot about these times.

Other things are not mere rumor. When the federal government established a North American Army command in 2002, its purpose wasn’t to repel foreign invaders. It was domestic operations—something long and rightly forbidden by the Posse Comitatus Act. In February of 2009, when military commanders in Canada and the U.S. signed a pact allowing their armies to operate inside each other’s country they didn’t even bother to get authorization from Congress—an illegal and unprecedented move. And once again, the purpose was handling “domestic civil emergencies.”

Via Bill St. Clair.

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Fact Based Drug Policy? - It’s A Myth

After reading a Mother Jones article titled This Is Your War on Drugs, which is subtitled

Since 1998, the drug czar has been mandated to lie to the American people. So what would a fact-based drug policy look like?

the Orwell quote I posted yesterday, in regards to political language, is even more apt.  From the Mother Jones piece.

AMONG OUR LEADERS in Washington, who’s been the biggest liar?...Give up? It’s the head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), a.k.a. the drug czar, who in 1998 was mandated by Congress to oppose legislation that would legalize, decriminalize, or medicalize marijuana, or redirect anti-trafficking funding into treatment. And the drug czar has also—here’s where the lying comes in—been prohibited from funding research that might give credence to any of the above. These provisions were crafted by Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and Bob Barr (R-Ga.) and pushed for by then-czar Barry McCaffrey, best remembered for being somewhat comically obsessed with the evils of medical marijuana…

I do not agree with the writer’s conclusions, but none-the-less, the piece is an interesting read.

Via Fred Lapides’ GoodShit.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Orwell Quote of the Day

“Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder sound respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Taken from a piece published by the Hoover Institution’s Policy Review titled Orwell’s Instructive Errors.

Via Arts & Letters Daily.

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Joe Biden - Dumb Ass Extraordinaire

So, what does the vice president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, have to say to two hundred and thirty-seven (237) active duty military individuals serving in Iraq who were sworn in as new citizens of the United States of America, on Independence Day no less?  This.

”As corny as it sounds,” he told the troops, “Damn, I’m proud to be an American!”

Dumb ass!

Via Andrew Breitbart via From my position…On the Way!.

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Harry Reid, Unprincipled Destroyer of Productive Men

Here’s a quote drooled from the mouth of Harry Reid in a piece at the Las Vegas Sun titled Reid has his 60, but probably not a legislative lock.

“I think I am an expert on getting things passed,” Reid told the Sun. “And before anyone gets too high and mighty about principles, they should understand that principles are in the eye of the beholder.”

Harry Reid has the principles of the character Anton Chigurh in the movie No Country For Old Men.

Via The Corner.

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