Friday, June 26, 2009

Ignorance is Not Bliss

In the film The Matrix, the character Cypher is dining with the character Agent Smith in preparation to betraying his fellow free individuals, which I think is quite similar to the way many individual Americans betray their fellow free Americans in the secrecy of the allegedly democratic voting booth.  As Cypher dines with Agent Smith, he states the following.

You know, I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize?
[Takes a bite of steak]
Ignorance is bliss.

I thought of this scene in The Matrix after reading a piece by David Z at the blog No Third Solution titled Belief in Government Means Ignoring the Evidence wherein David considers the reluctance of many individuals to consider just how free life could be without the State, because of individual ignorance of how life could be lived without the State.

The State, and the professional jobholders who make up the state, fervently desire that American individuals will believe that the State is “juicy and delicious,” that The State is the only means for individuals to live.  The State constantly force feeds individual Americans this message of the state as savior (compounding the ignorance), in pre-school, grade school, junior high, high school, college and daily to all individuals through the mainstream media.

Ignorance of the ability to live without the State, which creates fear in individuals, can be overcome, but only individual by individual destruction of ignorance.  Ignorance is not bliss.

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Flyfishing Locales I Need to Investigate

I have to cover more water, so I can see sights like this.  Tight lines!

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Golden or Fool’s Gold?

Gold, not many individuals can resist its allure, but should individuals be buying gold, now, as a hedge?  Vitaliy Katsenelson, at, considers this question in a piece titled Five reasons to avoid the gold rush.  From Katsenelson’s piece.

The arguments for why one should sell the cat, pawn the mother-in-law and use the proceeds to buy gold are well known: The Fed is printing money faster than you can read this, which will result in inflation; the government is borrowing like a drunken monkey, so the dollar will be devalued; this will debase all currencies, so the only thing that will save you is the shiny metal.  However, here are some arguments why one should think twice before jumping in bed with gold bugs…The best way to deal with the risks of dollar devaluation and high inflation — with a much lower cost to being wrong — is, instead, to own stocks of companies that have pricing power of their product. When inflation hits, they will be able to raise prices and thus maintain their profitability.  Also, companies that generate a large portion of their sales from outside the US will benefit from the declining dollar.

There is a wild card in Katsenelson’s assessment of the question, but you’ll have to read the piece to view his hand.

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Public and Private Welfare Are Destroying America

Interesting opinion piece by Robert Samuelson titled Our Sinking Welfare State, and make no mistake about it, America is a sinking welfare state.

Samuelson correctly notes that in this country, Americans receive both public and private welfare, and that both are unsustainable.  Perhaps the most disturbing fact in regards to public welfare though, that Samuelson notes, is as follows.

Since 1960, government has changed radically. Then, 52 percent of federal spending went for defense, 26 percent for “payments for individuals”—the welfare state. By 2008, 61 percent consisted of “payments for individuals,” 21 percent for defense.

America is a sinking welfare state, and the phrase “sink or swim” no longer applies, because America is treading water, far from shore and in deep water, and no one is manning the rescue boats.

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As If 15 Reasons Are Actually Needed to Oppose A Climate Bill

Do individuals actually require 15 reasons to oppose a climate bill?

There is only 1 reason to oppose the climate bill.  The climate, Mother Nature, cannot be legislated into submission by the will of man.

Via Reynolds.

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Putting A Overly Optimistic Spin on $13 Bucks a Week Stimulus

According to an Associated Press piece, the $13 bucks a week stimulus working Americans have been so graciously granted by the Obama administration has caused a “surge” in incomes, but unforntunately the surge is doing little to induce Americans to spend, spend, spend.

Instead, Americans are saving their windfall $13 bucks a week stimulus dollars, increasing the national savings rate.

The AP piece, of course, spins this information as resulting from the benevolence of the $787 billion boondoggle stimulus package, though the piece notes that without the “special factors” of the stimulus package, the “surge” in incomes would have been much more subdued.

No matter how positive a spin the media attempts to put to this information, the fact remains that the $787 billion dollar boondoggle stimulus package is simply a postponement of the inevitability of the State’s complete control of the fruits of individual Americans’ productivity, and the resounding crash of American individuals living far beyond their means.

May incomes surge, but savings outpace spending

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It’s Sad, Really

Michael Jackson has died, and it’s sad, really, that Jackson’s death creates more buzz and more active individual participation in an event which has no actual bearing on individuals’ lives; overwhelming Twitter’s capacity to twitter, according to my local news, ringing radio station’s phones off the hook, causing Drudge to list ten (10) headlines in red letter, big news, now hear this tripe; than the federal government’s attempts to tax Americans into submission via socialized health care or climate warming programs, or what have you.

It’s sad, really, that Jackson’s death is more interesting to people than the impending death of the American way of life.

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