Friday, January 30, 2009

Pelosi Uttering Inanities

Nancy Pelosi attempts to explain how earmarking $335 million dollars or so for STD prevention will stimulate the economy in this 30 second video posted at The Weekly Standard.

As The Weekly Standard notes, Pelosi’s inane explanation condenses down to,

Because it just is.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

See Ya, Rod, Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on Your Way Out

Illinois Senate Kicks Blagojevich Out of Office

59 - 0 is the tally.

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Refusing the Bailout, Good for Them

Many companies, I don’t care what industry they may be in, are avariciously waiting for the lid to be taken off the current cannibal pot simmering in Congress.  There are some companies though, banks specifically, which previously had been waiting at the cannibal pot, expectantly, which are now wisely backing away.

A small but growing number of community banks are backing out of the government’s bailout, which they see as fraught with hidden strings and government interference.

About 20 banks so far that applied for or had been approved to receive about $1 billion combined in taxpayer money have reversed course in the past month and refused to take the money.

Good for them.

On second thought, never mind about that bailout

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PC Indoctrination No Shows

So, the University of Iowa decides to hold a panel discussion on sexual harrassment and solicit input from the UI students.  Let’s review how this went.

A panel met Wednesday to discuss sexual harassment with students. But no students came.

Oops, that didn’t work real well.  So the panel members have to do something to salvage their panel discussion, so let’s review that.

So during the meeting among the panel, the central topic naturally became how to get young people to focus on the issue.

And the first step is to properly define sexual harassment, said Naif Sinada, a UI graduate student and panel member.

UI policy defines sexual harassment as: “Persistent, repetitive, or egregious conduct directed at a specific individual or group of individuals that a reasonable person would interpret, in the full context in which the conduct occurs, as harassment of a sexual nature.”

But as Holly Blosser-Yoder, another panel member, pointed out, “I didn’t know what egregious meant as an undergrad.”

Ah, the subject matter needs to be dumbed down, because the definition of sexual harrassment uses too many big words, like egregious.

As Wendy McElroy states in her post noting this, “delicious.”

Defining sexual harassment proves no easy task

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Mmm, Crow

Just over a month ago, in a post I titled For Ford Motor Company No Evidently Means Yes, I noted the following.

Ford Motor Co. said Friday it would not need a short-term loan from the government, but lauded the Bush administration’s decision to extend aid to its cash-strapped competitors and renewed a request for a nine billion dollar line of credit.

To which I stated, “In the real world, a line of credit is still a loan.”

Today, Ford Motor Company is dining on crow.

Ford Burns $5.5 Billion in Cash, Taps Revolving Loan

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Child Care Loophole?  You Could Drive a Truck Through It

Welfare programs, which were alledgedly designed as temporary, get back on your feet since you lost your job here’s a helping hand you can hold for a wee bit, seem to be quite frequently abused by the recipients.  Child care programs, which are simply a subsidary program of the welfare programs are evidently no different.

Out of Racine, Wisconsin comes a state funded child care program story which illustrates just how profitable these programs can be for those poor, needy recipients, when they play their cards right.

...a young woman has tapped into a home-based money-making operation that netted her and her three sisters more than half a million in taxpayer dollars since 2006.

And they did it with the blessing of the state.

All four had been in-home child-care providers. Collectively they have 17 children. For years, the government has paid them to stay home and care for each other’s children.

Nothing illegal about it under the rules of Wisconsin Shares, the decade-old child-care assistance program designed alongside Wisconsin’s welfare-to-work program.

Hey, but it’s for the children, right?

Child care loopholes lead to easy money

Via Karen DeCoster.

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Begging Artists Want A Piece of the Action, Too

The crowds around the cannibal pot continue to swell.  Some groups and individuals, evidently more needy than others, already have had generous ladel fulls of monies poured into their begging bowls, emptied them, and come back to the cannibal pot for seconds and thirds.  Other groups and individuals, unable to elbow their way through to the ladel wielders, yet, none-the-less are shoving and groveling for just a bit of the cannibal pot broth, even if it only contains a miniscule amount of cabbage.

They don’t want much, just one percent (1%), and a cabinet level position to hold their place in line, full time, at the cannibal pot.

One Percent for the Arts Campaign

Congress will soon pass a stimulus package aimed at creating jobs and stimulating the economy. We ask that 1% of the stimulus support the arts. In the 1930s the Work Progress Administration created by Roosevelt created 3 million jobs. They built roads, streets, highways, bridges, parks, and public buildings. They also worked in the arts.

Our generation deserves no less…

We are also calling for a cabinet level position for a Secretary of the Arts.

The begging artists needy plea can be read here.

Via Hit & Run.

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“Atlas Shrugged” in Two Minutes Fifty-one Seconds

On January 9, 2009, the Wall Street Journal published a piece titled ‘Atlas Shrugged’: From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years.

Billy Beck noted this in a post titled “What’s Wrong With This Picture?,” and correctly pointed out,

The moral of the story is that collectivism is murder.

For those individuals who have not read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” or the WSJ piece linked above, Billy points to a two minute, fifty-one second Wall Street Journal opinion video which provides a very concise synopsis of Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged.”


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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Representative Government - A Quote

Representative government is a system of hypocrisy and perpetual falsehood.  Its success rests on the stupidity of the people and the corruption of the public mind.

Mikhail Bakunin, Bakunin on Anarchy, Edited, with an introduction and commentary by Sam Dolgoff, 1971, Representative Government and Universal Suffrage, pg. 224

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Claw Hammer, Ball Pein Hammer, Club Hammer

Fed pledges to use all tools to help economy

Bernanke:  “Geithner, hand me that hammer, would you?

Geithner:  “Claw or ball pein, Ben?”

Obama:  “Give him the club hammer, Tim, I want to hammer this thing now!”

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It’s Not “Typically a Form of Socialism,” It IS Socialism

From an article headlined U.S. wading deeper into banking industry, wherein we are informed that the Obama Yes Men Singalong Chrous members are crafting a new “plan” to save the banking industry.

In its most extreme form, nationalization would mean that the government buys (or takes) all the shares of stock and takes over operations of the company, keeping the profits. Such state ownership is typically a form of socialism; major oil producing countries, for example, have set up state-owned companies to produce and sell oil, using the proceeds to pay for government services. (bold by ed.)

But don’t worry, comrades, its all for the public good.

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Auschwitz Liberation, 64th Anniversay

Yesterday marked the 64th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.  Searching for news articles related to this poignant anniversary within Google News, one finds 479 articles when utilizing the search phrase “anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz”

Naturally, within the Middle East, Iran to be specific, the reality of Auschwitz and the Holocaust is denied, and yet Obama is ready to reach out and negotiate with these imbeciles, which is akin to negotiating with a rabid dog, or a rock.  Even Pope Benedict XVI is embracing a Holocaust denier.

There are many terrible and memorable stories arising from the Holocaust, Anne Frank’s diary of course comes to mind, but what about Dina Babbitt’s story?

I first posted about Dina Babbitt on August 30, 2006, and then again mentioned Dina Babbitt on September 29, 2006.

Dina Babbitt was imprisoned at Auschwitz, and was forced to produce art works by the Angel of Death, Josef Mengele.  These art works still exist, but they are hanging in the Auschwitz Museum, which has turned a deaf ear to Ms. Babbitt’s pleas to have her artwork returned to her, which I think is appalling.

A short graphic novel telling Dina Babbitt’s story can be read at the link, and additional articles regarding Dina Babbitt’s efforts to have her property returned can be read at the links above to my previous posts.

Link to the Dina Babbitt graphic novel is courtesy of Roderick T. Long.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What, Did He Die or Something? II

Back on January 31, 2005, when I read that Leonardo DiCaprio was named a recipient of a lifetime achievement award, I titled a post in response to this news What, Did He Die or Something?

One could ask the same thing in response to the following.

Renamed schools, streets mark early tributes to Obama

Sheesh, the depth of the Obama illusion is mind boggling.

Via No Watermelons Allowed.

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Searching for a New Symbol of Rebellion Against the State

At Diana Hsieh’s blog, Noodle Food, Gina Liggett is searching for a new symbol of rebellion against the State to replace the symbolism of Maderia wine, which reckoned large as a symbol in the founding of the United States.  Gina’s post is titled The Bureaucrats are Coming! A New Madiera for the 21st Century.

Gina suggests the phrase “Who is John Galt?,” which of course reckons large in Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged.  While I and other individuals knowledgeable about Rand can appreciate the phrase “Who is John Galt?,” and its potential as a symbol of rebellion against the State, I think we would be in the minority.

I myself cannot, at this moment in time, think of a symbol of rebellion against the State which would be easily and eagerly grasped by Americans, you know, something simple, like “change we can believe in,” a meaningless phrase which worked its symbolic magic so well it brought an individual to power in these United States who desires to expand the power of the State over each and every individual, business and other entities, and makes no bones about it.

If you think of something, let Gina know.

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Further Dilution of the Fourth Amendment

Just twelve days ago, in a post I titled Undermining the Fourth Amendment, I noted American individuals should not necessarily feel secure in their electronic communications as the Supreme Court had ruled that the State does not need judicial approval to listen in on you if the State feels you may be a terrorist or have terrorist leanings.

Today, further dilution of American individuals’ fourth amendment rights is knocking on your car door window.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that police officers have leeway to frisk a passenger in a car stopped for a traffic violation even if nothing indicates the passenger has committed a crime or is about to do so.

So, beware, Americans, the definition of unreasonable searches is fast approaching simply all searches are reasonable.

US Supreme Court says passenger can be frisked

Via Bill H at the blog Free In Idaho.

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