Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Representative Government - A Quote

Representative government is a system of hypocrisy and perpetual falsehood.  Its success rests on the stupidity of the people and the corruption of the public mind.

Mikhail Bakunin, Bakunin on Anarchy, Edited, with an introduction and commentary by Sam Dolgoff, 1971, Representative Government and Universal Suffrage, pg. 224

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Claw Hammer, Ball Pein Hammer, Club Hammer

Fed pledges to use all tools to help economy

Bernanke:  “Geithner, hand me that hammer, would you?

Geithner:  “Claw or ball pein, Ben?”

Obama:  “Give him the club hammer, Tim, I want to hammer this thing now!”

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It’s Not “Typically a Form of Socialism,” It IS Socialism

From an article headlined U.S. wading deeper into banking industry, wherein we are informed that the Obama Yes Men Singalong Chrous members are crafting a new “plan” to save the banking industry.

In its most extreme form, nationalization would mean that the government buys (or takes) all the shares of stock and takes over operations of the company, keeping the profits. Such state ownership is typically a form of socialism; major oil producing countries, for example, have set up state-owned companies to produce and sell oil, using the proceeds to pay for government services. (bold by ed.)

But don’t worry, comrades, its all for the public good.

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Auschwitz Liberation, 64th Anniversay

Yesterday marked the 64th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.  Searching for news articles related to this poignant anniversary within Google News, one finds 479 articles when utilizing the search phrase “anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz”

Naturally, within the Middle East, Iran to be specific, the reality of Auschwitz and the Holocaust is denied, and yet Obama is ready to reach out and negotiate with these imbeciles, which is akin to negotiating with a rabid dog, or a rock.  Even Pope Benedict XVI is embracing a Holocaust denier.

There are many terrible and memorable stories arising from the Holocaust, Anne Frank’s diary of course comes to mind, but what about Dina Babbitt’s story?

I first posted about Dina Babbitt on August 30, 2006, and then again mentioned Dina Babbitt on September 29, 2006.

Dina Babbitt was imprisoned at Auschwitz, and was forced to produce art works by the Angel of Death, Josef Mengele.  These art works still exist, but they are hanging in the Auschwitz Museum, which has turned a deaf ear to Ms. Babbitt’s pleas to have her artwork returned to her, which I think is appalling.

A short graphic novel telling Dina Babbitt’s story can be read at the link, and additional articles regarding Dina Babbitt’s efforts to have her property returned can be read at the links above to my previous posts.

Link to the Dina Babbitt graphic novel is courtesy of Roderick T. Long.

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