Monday, January 26, 2009

Mutually Edifying Idiot Debate

Iraq War Showdown: Bill Kristol Agrees to Debate Matt Damon After Actor’s “Idiot” Slam

I’ll make the popcorn.

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“A New Breed of Citizens,” Indeed

In an op-ed, posted at Yahoo News, which was written by Dr. William A. Babcock, who is the senior ethics professor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Babcock advocates for the formation of a mandatory Youth Corps.

Babcocks’ op-ed, written for the Christian Science Monitor, is titled Obama can instill civic responsibility – through a mandatory Youth Corps, and is ostensibly written as a “responsibilty seed” for Barack Obama, and responsible, freedom loving individuals everywhere should do their utmost to crush this seed before it even gets in the ground.

It appalls me that a “senior professor of ethics” is openly advocating for mandatory service, with the force of the State as the only power behind the command.  How is that ethical?

I don’t think we need a new breed of citizens.  In fact, I think the new breed of citizens wished for by Babcock, Obama and others is already flourishing, unfortunately, and the old breed of Americans; responsible, freedom loving, individualistic, can-do attitude individuals; need to assert themselves and overcome this plague of socialist ideas and individuals infecting the United States of America.

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Birth Contrl Equals Stimulus?

While having sex may be stimulating, and having sex with someone knowing whomever you’re having sex with will not get pregnant may be stimulating, throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at family planning with the hope that it will stimulate the economy is like a couple of teenagers having sex and relying on the pull and pray method.

Pelosi Says Birth Control Will Help Economy

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