Monday, November 17, 2008

Do I Hear 3 Days Old, Do I Hear 6 Months Old, Do I Hear 1 Year Old, Etc., Etc., Etc.

The current brouhaha over age limits for Nebraska’s supposed safe-haven law continues, in an auction like atmosphere it appears, as Nebraska’s professional jobholders haggle over establishing age limits for getting rid of your children free and clear.  One professional jobholder says the age limit should be 3 days old, another says 30 days old, while another says 15 years old.  What type of favors do these professional jobholders have to trade with each other to establish their age limit, versus some other nitwit’s age limit, as the magical drop dead date for dumping kids, I wonder?

And the justifications offered up by the various bidders, for establishing their age limit as the age limit, border on the asinine.  To wit, one Nebraska state senator, Chris Langemeier.

At three days, “you haven’t spent all night up with them, you haven’t fed them ... everything that goes along with being a new parent hasn’t set in yet,” Langemeier said after introducing his amendment.

This fiasco provides another excellent example of why the state, any state, should not be involved in law making what-so-ever.  These fools slap together a law with no consideration at all of what the consequences may be, and when individuals dump off their kids, of any age, as the law allows them to do, all of sudden the law needs amending, and amending again.

Several age limits for Neb. safe-haven law in play

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oops, Should’ve Carried the 1 and Subtracted 2

Global warming alarmists, across the globe, have been directed to take remedial math classes after it was discovered that their dire warning that this past October was the hottest ever recorded was wrong.  Sort of like a corporate accounting error where earnings need to be restated, I guess.

A surreal scientific blunder last week raised a huge question mark about the temperature records that underpin the worldwide alarm over global warming.

“Surreal scientific blunder,” man, I hate it when that happens.  And what was the blunder?

But when expert readers of the two leading warming-sceptic blogs, Watts Up With That and Climate Audit, began detailed analysis of the GISS data they made an astonishing discovery. The reason for the freak figures was that scores of temperature records from Russia and elsewhere were not based on October readings at all. Figures from the previous month had simply been carried over and repeated two months running.


The world has never seen such freezing heat

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Singing a Different Tune, Now

On September 29, 2008, Republican Senator John Boehner stated the following regarding the $700 billion dollar bailout plan.

“And so at the end of the day there really are no taxpayer funds at risk here.”

No need to worry about that $ 700 billion, it’s like money in the bank.  Right?

Today though, November 13, 2008, Boehner is singing a very different tune.

Boehner said he is increasingly concerned that the government’s actions to add stability to financial markets is moving into areas that were not the stated intention when Congress approved $700 billion for a Treasury-administered program to bail out the financial sector that is being weighed down by the housing crisis.

``During the bipartisan negotiations between Congress and the administration, members of both parties made clear that Congress must have meaningful oversight over the use of taxpayer dollars,’’ Boehner said. ``Transparency is even more important now, given that the program appears to have been implemented in some ways that were given little to no discussion as Congress was being urged to pass the rescue plan.’‘

As Bugs Bunny would say, what a maroon.

Boehner Demands Fed Identify Recipients of Loans

Boehner quote of September 29, 2008 lifted from No Treason.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Stolen Funds Do Not A Bank Make

The state has waved its magic wand, and poof, AmEx is a bank holding company.

The Federal Reserve, using emergency power to act swiftly, granted approval for AmEx and American Express Travel Related Services to become bank holding companies.

I realize, that AmEx has been operating a banking concern, American Express Centurion Bank, but let’s read what Chief Executive Kenneth Chenault has to say about this magical transformation of AmEx.

“Given the continued volatility in the financial markets, we want to be best positioned to take advantage of the various programs the federal government has introduced or may introduce to support U.S. financial institutions,...”

Ah, in fact the magical transformation only is providing AmEx with the ability to receive stolen funds, not yet even earned by the individuals who actually are productive, and as Chenault intimates, they plan on taking advantage of booty available at this time, or booty that may become available in the future.

Welcome to the club, AmEx.

AmEx becomes bank to stabilize funding

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Something Good Outta Detroit, Southfield, actually

I was down in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan today, to meet with a client, and on my way in to Bloomfield, I naturally stopped by the Star Deli.  I don’t get to this side of Michigan that often, thankfully, but when I do, I’ll go out of my way to stop at the Star Deli.

They have what I consider the best corned beef sandwich, the Corned Beef Special, in the country.  I don’t care what New Yorkers say.  I ordered 3 of the sandwiches, demolished one, took one to a friend, and tomorrow I’ll demolish the other.  Dang, what a great sandwich.

So, if you’re ever in the Detroit/Southfield/Bloomfield Hills area of Michigan, I recommend you stop by and grab one or three.

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A Black Woman Speaks About Obama

A black woman, by the name of Anne Wortham, has penned a piece regarding the election of Barack Obama.  It is titled No He Can’t.  It is worth reading beyond the excerpt I provide below.

Please know: I am black; I grew up in the segregated South. I did not vote for Barack Obama; I wrote in Ron Paul’s name as my choice for president. Most importantly, I am not race conscious. I do not require a black president to know that I am a person of worth, and that life is worth living. I do not require a black president to love the ideal of America.

I cannot join you in your celebration. I feel no elation. There is no smile on my face. I am not jumping with joy. There are no tears of triumph in my eyes. For such emotions and behavior to come from me, I would have to deny all that I know about the requirements of human flourishing and survival – all that I know about the history of the United States of America, all that I know about American race relations, and all that I know about Barack Obama as a politician. I would have to deny the nature of the “change” that Obama asserts has come to America. Most importantly, I would have to abnegate my certain understanding that you have chosen to sprint down the road to serfdom that we have been on for over a century. I would have to pretend that individual liberty has no value for the success of a human life. I would have to evade your rejection of the slender reed of capitalism on which your success and mine depend. I would have to think it somehow rational that 94 percent of the 12 million blacks in this country voted for a man because he looks like them (that blacks are permitted to play the race card), and that they were joined by self-declared “progressive” whites who voted for him because he doesn’t look like them. I would have to be wipe my mind clean of all that I know about the kind of people who have advised and taught Barack Obama and will fill posts in his administration – political intellectuals like my former colleagues at the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Anne Wortham, I salute you.

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The United States Government is Lying to the American People About the $700 Billion Bailout II

Back on the 23rd of October, in a post I titled The United States Government is Lying to the American People About the $700 Billion Bailout, I noted just how “transparent” the U.S government is being in regards to the $700 billion bailout fiasco.  Meaning that the U.S. government is lying, obfuscating, and generally burying the truth in regards to this matter in the deepest, darkest hole they can.

Today, the lying, obfuscating and burying of the truth continues marching onward.

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Identify Bank Loans

Full scale nationalization of the financial industry will soon be upon us and the voices of reason, decrying this travesty, will be drowned out by the hordes drumming on the cannibal pot in anticipation of the chicken drop.

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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Plans are being made to promote a national holiday for Barack Obama, who will become the nation’s 44th president when he takes the oath of office Jan. 20.

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore, we’re in Obamaland.

Planning under way for Obama holiday

Via Stephen Bainbridge.

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P. J. O’Rourke on Recent Events

Let us bend over and kiss our ass goodbye. Our 28-year conservative opportunity to fix the moral and practical boundaries of government is gone—gone with the bear market and the Bear Stearns and the bear that’s headed off to do you-know-what in the woods on our philosophy.

An entire generation has been born, grown up, and had families of its own since Ronald Reagan was elected. And where is the world we promised these children of the Conservative Age? Where is this land of freedom and responsibility, knowledge, opportunity, accomplishment, honor, truth, trust, and one boring hour each week spent in itchy clothes at church, synagogue, or mosque? It lies in ruins at our feet, as well it might, since we ourselves kicked the shining city upon a hill into dust and rubble. The progeny of the Reagan Revolution will live instead in the universe that revolves around Hyde Park.

Mind you, they won’t live in Hyde Park. Those leafy precincts will be reserved for the micromanagers and macro-apparatchiks of liberalism—for Secretary of the Department of Peace Bill Ayers and Secretary of the Department of Fairness Bernardine Dohrn. The formerly independent citizens of our previously self-governed nation will live, as I said, around Hyde Park. They will make what homes they can in the physical, ethical, and intellectual slums of the South Side of Chicago.

Read the whole thing.

We Blew It

Via The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Make Nicey Nice, Now, or You Won’t Be Granted Any Favors

In a piece written by Jim Rutenberg for The New York Times titled Harsh Words About Obama? Never Mind Now, Rutenberg notes that those professional jobholders who had been critical of Obama, for various reasons, are now making nicey nice comments about Obama.  Rutenberg states in his piece that the reason for this flip-flop is,

But for now, at least, it would seem to be part of an apparent rush to join what has emerged as a real moment in American history.

Doris Kearns Goodwin also opines that the reason for the nicey nice is,

“The best answer I can give you is they don’t want to be on the wrong side of history, and they recognize how the country saw this election, and how people feel that they’re living in a time of great historic moment.”

Nameless “others” in the “professional political class” state the reason for being nicey nice about Obama now is,

Some wondered whether simple pragmatism was the explanation.

While Chris Lehane, an alleged “former Democratic stategist,” comes closer to the truth when he states,

“I’m thinking they will continue in this direction so long as the polls indicate it’s a smart place to be.”

This flip flop from criticism of Obama, to accolades for Obama, making nicey nice, has nothing to do with history, but is simply an expedient measure to ensure that the favors professional jobholders desire to trade with Obama, in order to keep their sheep in line at home, will be looked on favorably and receive blessing.

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Ministry of Propaganda Word of the Day

The word of the day, from the Ministry of Propaganda, is “sacrifice.”  It is a word which will be wrapped, by the mainstream media, fresh from the mouth of the messiah elect, in bows and ribbons, and adorned with medals.  Individual Americans, business owners and professional jobholders from the highest office to the lowest will compete to wear the mantle of “sacrifice” to display their obeisance to their lord and master, Obama.  The word “sacrifice” will then be taken up with loud hallelujahs by the masses, as they lay down their productive lives for the sake of the “needy” of the day, who will have been hotly competing in the halls of Congress to show that they actually are the lowest of the low, the neediest of them all, and deserve above all others the blessings bestowed by the hand of redistribution.

Obama raises a long-neglected concept: sacrifice

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Feed the Beast

New York city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is cash strapped, “swimming in sea of red ink,” they say.  No surprise, that.  More taxes, in the form of tolls for utilizing the bridges into the city, is naturally the alleged solution put forth by the professional jobholders.

But what is disheartening, and sadly funny, about the article noting this, are the responses from the street, from the sheep who line up to vote for whomever is currently promising the biggest chicken for the sheeps’ pots.

“That’s crazy,” said Alex Shaw of the Bronx. “We’re taxed enough. They’ve got to get the money from someplace else. Stop putting it on the motorists.”

Or this.

“I don’t like it at all. I think that’s ridiculous, but I mean, hey, if it’s going to better our city in any way,” said Torey Guite of Flatbush.

And this.

“I wouldn’t be in favor of it, but if this is something we have to do to stimulate the economy then I’m all for it,” added Angela Grant.

The vacuity of the sheeps’ responses could not be more empty.

Sources: MTA To Toll All East River Bridges Cash-Strapped MTA About To Drop Hammer On Everyone

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Victor Davis Hanson in The Corner.

We have seen it all the last two years: Weeping journalists on election night; a journalist openly promising to help make Obama successful (“Yeah, it is my job.”); film takes of journalists cheering an Obama speech; the savaging of Sarah Palin and the hands-off treatment of Biden; soft-ball interviews and long puff-pieces on Obama as the young cool crusader;comparisons to JFK’s Camelot, and on and on.

In the 3rd book of his history, Thucydides has some insightful thoughts about destroying institutions in times of zealotry—and then regretting their absence when there is a need for refuge for them. The mainstream press should have learned that lesson, once they blew up their credibility in the past election by morphing into the Team Obama press agency.
  There will come a time in the year ahead when either Obama’s unexamined past will come back to haunt him, or his inexperience and tentativeness in foreign affairs will be embarrassingly apparent, or his European-socialist agenda for domestic programs simply won’t work. And as public opinion falls, what will MSNBC, the New York Times, the editors of Newsweek, a Chris Matthews or the anchors at the major networks say?
  Not much—since they will have one of two non-choices: (1) either they will begin scrambling to offer supposed disinterested criticism, which will be met with the public’s, “Why should we begin believing you now?” or “Why didn’t you tell this before?”, or (2), They can continue as state-sanctioned megaphones of the Obama administration in the manner that they did during the campaign. They will lose either way and remain without credibility.
  In short, we live now in the Age of Post-Journalism. All that was before is now over, as this generation of journalists voluntarily destroyed the hallowed notion of objectivity and they will have no idea quite how to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.


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Financial Bailout - “Rough total: $2,063,800,000,000”

And that number will only get bigger.

Friday Unfun Links: Bailout Balance Sheet

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Recession/Depression Lessons

Some excerpts from a piece in titled Lessons from Great Depression hold their value.

“This generation made the best of bad times,” Dennis said. “No one’s seriously predicting another calamity like the 1930s, but it’s useful to remember that these people didn’t stop living. They just lived differently.”

And this.

Those who came of age in the 1930s said the Depression instilled a strong work ethic in them. Forced to grow up early, many went to work before their teens to help their parents pay the mortgage and put food on the table.

But most importantly is this.

Because jobs were scarce, most of those young people created their own livelihoods.

Do individuals, today, have the fortitude, the ethic, to stand on their own rather than whining for a hand out?

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