Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Japanese Free Market Vending Machines

I occasionally purchase a soda pop from a vending machine, but not much else.  And though here in the USA there are vending machines which dispense coffee, sandwiches, and maybe a dozen nightcrawlers, in Japan, vending machines dispense just about everything, it appears.  Eggs, umbrellas, and toilet paper, amongest a myriad of other items, some quite unusual.  Take a look for yourself.

Via Fred Lapides GoodShit.

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Ron Paul - Never Trust a Person with Two First Names

Never trust a person with two first names is a idiosyncratic saying thrown out from time to time by a good friend of mine.

I thought of this little saying this morning when I read the following from a post by Wendy McElroy which is in response to this Ron Paul YouTube video from the Iowa Republican straw poll wherein Ron Paul broaches the subject of abortion.

A YouTube video that makes clear that Paul’s main priority is not anti-war or free trade but the prohibition of abortion. And PLEASE don’t give me the f*cking line that he believes this matter should be left to states as though that position is some sort of benign argument. States’ rights or perogatives do not exist any more than federal rights and perogatives exist; only individuals have rights. What exists is my body and my right to everything that is beneath my own skin. I am not such a blithering idiot as to believe that a politician who wants a smaller government (a local or state government) to absolutely negate my self-ownership is a benign friend while someone who wants a larger government to do so is my vicious enemy. Both are morally equal as enemies, both are politically equal as dangerous.

Too true.  And while I think abortion is repugnant, neither state governments, nor the federal government, should have any say in the matter.

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Kudos to Hillsdale College

It’s rare, nowadays, for an institution, a business, or other entity to not accept dollars redistributed by the state, which is a shame.  So I was pleased to read this yesterday evening.

Hillsdale College, a private liberal arts school in southern Michigan, announced Monday it will no longer accept state taxpayer money for student scholarships and financial aid.

The state money that students were scheduled to receive this academic year will be replaced by privately raised funds, college officials said. Hillsdale students got about $670,000 in state tuition aid and scholarships last year.

Hillsdale has not taken any federal taxpayer money since its founding in 1844. Now the college won’t take any state taxpayer money, either, likely making it one of only a handful of colleges across the nation to refuse all government money.

Good for Hillsdale College.  If only such integrity and independence from government could spread across this nation.

Hillsdale College replaces state scholarship aid with private funds

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