Saturday, February 10, 2007

Richard Branson and Al Gore, Today’s Jed Clampett and Shifty Shafer?

Virgin’s Richard Branson has offered up a $25 million dollar prize for the individual, or individuals, who come up with a way to scrub CO2 gases out of the atmosphere.  Al Gore, natch, was there with Branson when the prize announcement was made, as Gore’s main occupation in today’s world seems to be to save the world from the disputed spector of global warming.

Branson’s idea seemingly is feasible.  Scrubbing CO2 gases from atmospheres is a well documented, and utilized, procedure.  Equipment to perform just that function is installed on every nuclear powered submarine that I am aware of, and is also employed by most coal burning entities.

Be that as it may, Branson’s prize, I’m afraid, is just so much hot air.  The equipment scale required to perform such a supposed earth saving procedure, and the amounts of CO2 required to be scrubbed from the atmosphere to gain the prize, remind me more of a Beverly Hillbillies episode titled “Honest John Returns” than a realistic proposal.

In the episode referenced, Jed is approached by Shifty Shafer and presented with a fraudulent scheme to rid Los Angeles of smog by drilling through the mountains and employing a large fan to suck the smog away from LA.  The scheme almost seems feasible, in Jed’s simple and too trusting mind at least.

I think Branson just might be fulfilling the role of Jed, and Al Gore the role of Shifty Shafer, in this little prize scenario.

Posted by John Venlet on 02/10 at 04:34 PM
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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Subtly Promoting Racism, Still

It started even prior to the Bears and the Colts winning their respective NFC and AFC games, which propelled them to today’s Super Bowl game.  Would Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy be the first black coaches to bring two football teams to the Super Bowl?

Google up “Tony Dungy+Lovie Smith,” today, and you’ll see the headlines are still promoting the racist angle:  Black coaches claim victory whoever wins, or Black coaches leading Super Bowl teams presents welcome quandary, or from as far away as Bolivia, Dungy, Smith Make History as First Black Head Coaches in Super Bowl.

When I consider the upcoming game, and the head coaches of the Bears and the Colts, I don’t consider the color of the coaches’ skins what-so-ever.  Why does it matter?  If Dungy and Smith were white, would their respective football teams still have made it to the Super Bowl?  Do you really think the color of Dungy’s and Smith’s skins makes one bit of difference to the fans of either team, or only to the media’s need for a story angle which subtly promotes racism?

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Friday, February 02, 2007

It’s More Commonly Known As Theft

“I want to take those profits, and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund…”

Do you understand the implication of those words, uttered by one Hillary Rodham Clinton?  She’s nothing but a thief, and myriads of imbeciles are lining up to be robbed by her hand, or to be part of her gang.

Hillary Rodham Clinton confesses her desire to be a thief.

UPDATE: Repaired link.

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