Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Foolish Than a Four Year Old

Read this a moment.

Damarcus Blackwell’s four-year-old son was lining-up to get on the bus after school last month, when he was accused of rubbing his face in the chest of a female employee.

The prinicipal of La Vega Primary School sent a letter to the Blackwells that said the pre-kindergartener demonstrated “inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment.”

Now, think about this.  Here you have a four year old boy, who probably stands all of what, three foot tall, three foot six maybe, who has been disciplined for allegedly “rubbing his face in the chest of a female employee.”  Does this even make sense?

What’s even more outrageous about this incident are the following words spoken by a supposed advocate for the boy.

David Davis, the executive director of the Advocacy Center in Waco tends to agree with Blackwell.  He says assuming the boy has not had sexual encounters, or been inappropriately exposed to pornography, most four-year-olds are sexually innocent.

Absurdity knows no bounds.

4 -year-old Accused of Improperly Touching Teacher

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Friday, December 08, 2006

State Insecurity

In a post the other day titled Newt Gingrich - Traitor, I noted Newt’s musings on the possibility of more state control of the flow of information over the internet, ostensibly for protecting us poor subjects against terrorists.

The actual reason the state wants more control of the information flow over the internet is fear, and I think the following words, spoken by Joshua Friedman of Columbia University are quite apt.

“I refer to the freedom of the press as the canary in the coal mine,” said Joshua Friedman, director of international programs at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. “It’s a barometer of the insecurity of the people running these governments. One of the things that makes them insecure these days is the power of the Internet.”

Study: More Internet journalists jailed

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Like That’s A Surprise

The New York Times editorial board, this morning, is bemoaning the Democrats lack of principles in regards to campaign promises made.  Specifically, the editorial board is bemoaning a supposed Democrat campaign “vow” to ” Congressional oversight of the nation’s intelligence committees.”

Is it truly a surprise that the Democrats will not follow through on this campaign “vow?”  Hardly.  Like all politicians, Democrat or Republican, they long ago learned to rise above any principles they may at one time have had.

Cherry-Picking Campaign Promises

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Education Racket

The state should have no hand in the education of individuals’ children.  Ever since the state’s foray into the field of education for all, the dumbing down of individuals has accelerated.

John Derbyshire notes this in a piece titled The Dream Palace of Educational Theorists wherein Derbyshire has much to say about the sorry state of affairs within the supposed halls of learning, and the educational theorists who muck about in this field.  A few choice pieces from Derbyshire’s pen.

There is the public school racket, in which homeowners and taxpayers fork out stupendous sums of money to feed a socialistic extravaganza in which, when its employees can spare time from administration, “professional development” sabbaticals, and fund-raising for the Democratic Party, boys are pressed to act like girls, and dosed with calming drugs if they refuse so to act; girls are encouraged to act like boys by taking up advanced science, math, and strenuous sports, which few of them have any liking or aptitude for; and boys and girls alike are indoctrinated in the dubious dogmas of “diversity” and political correctness.

And this.

If you read much Ed Biz theorizing, you find yourself wondering how a single field of human enquiry can contain so much error and folly.  One answer is that educationalists wilfully—ideologically, in fact—ignore the understanding of human nature that the modern human sciences are gradually attaining, and cling doggedly to long-exploded theories about how human beings develop from infancy to adulthood.  From false premises they proceed to false conclusions.

And this, too.

In the end, all left-liberal prescriptions for educational improvement end up with two demands:  that governments should spend more money on schools, and that parents should work harder at parenting.

Read the whole thing.

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21st Century Prohibition

Do-gooderism continues to rise, like a well leavened dough will, in this country of ours, with New York City leading the way, with admiring props from the state of California, by prohibiting trans fat. 

This city, which lays claim to the Statue of Liberty, which supposedly beckons to those desiring freedom, has decided that obesity is not to be addressed individually, but collectively, so that each individual may suffer for the good of us all.  Bollocks.

I wonder if this development will induce Michael Moore to put his New York City residence on the market?

New York Bans Most Trans Fats in Restaurants

UPDATE:  Will this new prohibition do any good?  In all likelihood, no, as even the New York Times editorial board recognizes.

The phasing out of trans fats from all city restaurants, not just fast-food chains, won’t do much about the obesity epidemic but it could save people from heart attacks and death if administered properly.

Did you catch the last portion of that sentence?  ”...but it could save people from heart attacks and death if administered properly.”

If “administered properly.”  What exactly does that mean?  It means additional layers of tax funded nannies to be ever on the patrol for your own good.

The editorial.

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Basement Nuclear Fusion

Some of the best known companies were initially created and run from individuals’ basements and garages.  An aspect of being American that is reminiscent of days gone by, when individuals were more apt to go it alone, rather than searching the state’s hand for goodies ill gotten for re-distributive purposes.

Thiago Olson, a 17 year old young man from Rochestor Hills, Michigan, has been tinkering in his parent’s basement, and this is what he has come up with.

In the basement of his parents’ Oakland Township home, tucked away in an area most aren’t privy to see, Thiago is exhausting his love of physics on a project that has taken him more than two years and 1,000 hours to research and build—a large, intricate machine that , on a small scale, creates nuclear fusion.

Excellent.  I admire the young man’s ability.  But, I would counsel the young man to set his aspirations a bit higher, so that his creativity is not ill used.

Someday, he hopes to work for the federal government—just like his grandfather, Clarence Olson, who designed tanks for the Department of Defense after World War II.

TEEN GOES NUCLEAR: He creates fusion in his Oakland Township home

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She’ll Be Called Alot of Names

Here’s a headline, utilized by World Net Daily, for a story on recent comments made by Dick Morris regarding Hillary Clinton:  Dick Morris: Hillary wants to be ‘President Rodham’

I’m certain the Field Marshall does desire to be known as “President Rodham” in all the villages of the America.

But it is the following comment, also made by Dick Morris, which illustrates that the nature of Rodham is not really different than that of her lying husband Bill.

“Here, she spent two years telling New Yorkers she’s undecided about running for president [to] get them to re-elect her to the Senate. And now, she has to go through this pantomime, this charade of decision-making so she doesn’t look like a liar for the past two years, which she is.”

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mole Hills Can Become Mountains

The repeated calls for the state to do something about this, that, and the other thing, continue to pile up, and many individuals who cry out for this state interference simply have no clue that each of the little things they abdicate to state control, allows for less and less individual liberty, and personal responsibility.

Lawrence Reed, of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, notes this in a piece published today in the Grand Rapids Press titled Our liberties: slowly going up in smoke.  From Reed’s column.

Societies rise or fall depending on how civil its citizens are. The more they associate voluntarily, the safer and more prosperous they are.

The more they rely on force—legal or not—the more pliant they are in the hands of demagogues and tyrants. So resisting the statist impulse is no trivial issue. It is nothing less than the adult thing to do.

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Special Needs Children

In days past, the phrase “special needs children” meant something more concrete than today.  Today, in the age of multiculturalism running amok, a dustup over a handful of Muslims unrolling their prayer rugs in the Twin Cities airport leads to “special needs children” requiring a special prayer room for Muslims so they don’t feel “marginalized.”

This must be a good thing, though, because the Twin Cities airport spokesman, Paul Hogan, is mouthing all the right words for consumption as to why this important.

“I think there’s a mutual recognition that it would be helpful for there to be a solid understanding,”

Oh, I understand, all right.

Muslims Seek Prayer Room at Airport

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Friday, December 01, 2006

The “N” Word, and I Don’t Mean Nazi

The whole Michael Richards brouhaha has pretty much blown over, now.  Abject apologies have been uttered, recorded, shown on teevee, You Tube, and other such media.  Big deal.

I haven’t really followed the story on this, but today, I read that two of the young black men who were offended by Richards’ tirade are in search of compensation from Richards, via their attorney Gloria Allred.

David Yeagley notes this, also, in a post titled Why “nigger” hurts which is well worth a read.  From Dr. Yeagley’s post.

But instead of encouraging them to be men, and to rise above such opposition as inherent in the word “nigger,” Allred is enslaving these young black men in infantile weakness. She is grandstanding in behalf of human frailty, ensuring that the young men will never mature, never grow strong, but always take pride in being nothing, in being “niggers” in fact. Gloria Allred loves “niggers.” Gloria Allred loves to have Negroes remain slaves to the opinion of others. She doesn’t realize what she’s doing, as is the case with most liberals. Give Gloria Allred a Negro, especially a young male, and she will make a “nigger” out of him. She will make him unwanted, repulsive, and disgusting.

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Fairfax County Comes to Their Senses

In a post I titled Let Them Eat Garbage, The Kitchen’s Not Clean, I noted that Fairfax County, Virginia was putting the kibosh on private individuals and local churches serving food to the homeless due to concerns about the cleanliness of kitchens not under the cognizance of the state.

This folly has now been rescinded by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors whose chairman, Gerald E. Connolly, stated that the original plan to end the largesse of private individuals and local churches was the fault of “overzealous county employees,” per the Washington Post.

You have to watch out for those zealots.

Home-Cooked Food Is Back on the Menu

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Shamu and Pitbulls, A Contrast

Contrast, if you will, the reaction to the recent orca attack on a trainer at SeaWorld Adventure Park in San Diego, and the typical reactions to any pitbull attack on a human across the country.

In the recent “Shamu” attack you hear laments about keeping “wild” orcas in capitivity, or, as a former senior trainer at SeaWorld stated, “She’s an amazing animal. This incident doesn’t make her a bad whale. People need to understand that animals can get upset or frustrated just like people and just like your cat or dog.”

If “Shamu” was a pitbull, in all likelihood you would be hearing calls for putting the dog down, not for understanding that it can get upset or frustrated, or that it’s a “good” dog.

The contrast here is striking.  Though dogs are supposedly man’s best friend, and have been domesticated for thousands of years, society has swallowed, whole, the anthropomorphism of orcas, killer whales, in a matter of decades, and “Shamu” gets a pass.

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