Saturday, March 20, 2004


“In applying one’s principles in conduct, one should be like the boxer, not the swordsman; for the latter lays by his sword and takes it up again, but the boxer’s hand is always with him and he has nothing to do but double up his fist.”

Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Book XII

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Pick on Someone Your Own Age, Andrew

The other day I linked to the story about the doings down in Rhea County, Tennessee and wondered what Mencken would write about this controversy as compared to the Scopes trial.  Rhea County was in the news this time because the county commissioners had voted 8-0 to ask the state to amend the law so as to make homosexuality a crime against nature.  Sullivan’s post noted and linked to an updated story on Rhea County which reported that the county commissioners had voted, 8-0, to reverse this request to the state.  Good for the Rhea County commissioners for coming to their senses.  Sullivan’s post then noted the following quote from a 12 year old girl.

“But 12-year-old Caitlin Kinney, attending the meeting with her mother, said she supported the commissioners’ initial vote. “I think they should go further, try to see if they can ban them,” she said. “It’s not a Christian thing.”

Sullivan, then had this to say about that quote.

“The evangelicals brought her up well, didn’t they?”

Thinking about Sullivan’s poke at the evangelicals, I thought that the same could be said about parents from Sullivan’s chosen religion Catholicism, or Baptist parents, Methodist parents, Pentecostal parents, Lutheran parents, Seventh Day Adventist parents, straight secular parents, etcetera.  I then wondered what Sullivan would have individuals with religious leanings, or secular leanings, teach their children.  Would Sullivan require all parents to teach their children that sex with either a man or a woman is just a matter of what feels best to you?  Would Sullivan desire to have sex education classes in public schools teach that having sex is simply a matter of pleasure?  It really doesn’t matter what type of orifice you choose to fill, or not fill, boys and girls, do what feels good to you.  C’mon kids, get out there and rut around, homosexuality happens in the animal kingdom more than you know.  Well animals eat their young, too.

I’m thinking about this because I was brought up in Protestant background, Dutch Christian Reformed to be exact, with evangelical leanings and Calvinistic to boot.  When I was 12 years old, I, in all likelihood, would have made the same type of comment the 12 year old girl quoted above made.  Would I say that now?  No.  As a parent, though, I’m wondering what Sullivan would have me say to my kids?

I know what I do say though.  In conversations where the topic of homosexuality has been broached in this home, regarding homosexuals whom are in our circle of friends, when I was asked “Why are they homosexual, Dad?,” I tell my kids I don’t know, for certain, why.  When I was asked about homosexuality being a “sin,” I answer my kids that no one sin is any different than the other.  When my kids stated that homosexuality seems “weird” to them, I stated that I don’t necessarily understand it either, but if individuals choose to be, or are, homosexual, as long as this does not effect me, I cannot, and will not, judge them.

Sullivan’s poke at parents with evangelical leanings is specious.  His use of a quote, from a 12 year old girl, to take this poke, is as childish as a 12 year old.

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